Everyone That Dragged You Here

by Real Friends

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recorded january 2012 in crown point, indiana at abg recording studios.


released January 24, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Floorboards
You said I didn't cry out to the clouds for nothing
You told me everything eventually works out
That's what I'll keep telling myself
I don't want to be jealous of the trees next to my neighbor's garage anymore
I'll just lie in the mess I made

Don't let me fall off the edge and break down
Try not to forget everything I said

Just another week and I'll pick myself up off my boney knees
I guess it took a year to realize that what I had was everything I needed to feel okay
But still I've got these sleepy eyes that have seen too much for me to handle

I'm not gonna lie, my skin and bones have seen some better days
Thirty pounds ago seems like a more stable place to stay

There's no point to the floorboards in my house
Nothing feels right
I can't stand up without you
Nothing feels right
Track Name: Anchor Down
I don't really think that I'm ready for another Chicago winter
So you can stop making my bones feel cold
I swear that emptiness lives inside your chest
You're the reason you fell far away from what brought out your best
Don't get me wrong, I wish a lot of things were the way they used to be
The streets that used to make me feel alive just make me feel alone
The holes in the wall get bigger every year

It's hard to think that some people in this world look at me with the same eyes as yours
I've been breaking all ten fingers for you and you wouldn't even lift one up for me
Appreciation's something you lost in the dirt that's on your hands and knees

But I'm never gonna be just a hole in the wall
You can anchor down your feet and say fuck the past and everyone that dragged you here
I'm not putting myself on a pedestal
You need to stand up for yourself and who you claim you used to be

Anchor down your feet, say fuck the past and everyone that dragged you here
Just stand up for yourself and who you claim you used to be
Track Name: Keep It Together
You'll spend every Saturday night on the bathroom floor with no recollection of the night before
You're a train wreck and everything that's in between
Being alone doesn't seem so bad to me

You're the type of girl that lets this whole town know when your lips come anywhere near a bottle
All you want is the attention from every eye and ear that covers up the walls in this room

I'd rather sleep with just my boney knees and the thought of someone that stands up straight
I guess I'll sleep alone tonight
You'll tell everyone you're different, but you're just a shade of grey that never stuck out to anybody

Fast forward to 2am and the walls aren't spinning around enough for you to forget your ex-boyfriend and all of your shitty friends
You say you'll keep it together, but I know you're gonna make those walls fall down
They always do
Track Name: Everything I Never Want To Be
Hope you're having fun away at college since you went there to run from all your fuck ups
You're not so good at getting away from all of the karma that lies between your tongue and cheek
It's gotten to the point that you're the spitting image of everything I never want to be

I gave you chance after chance and it's obvious you haven't tried at all
By now it's safe to say that I'll be erasing every trace you left in these lines
I'm sorry for breaking down when I should've been stitching myself back up

You left me on the fence with nowhere to jump since you always knew that my balance was as shitty as my judgment
I had a feeling I'd be lying in the grass left for dead
Now I'm stuck looking at that fence

You've become the spitting image of everything I never want to be
You're everything I never want to be
Track Name: Home for Fall
So much has changed back home since you left without packing all your things
I always drive past your house hoping you'll be sitting on your porch
I still smell the smoke on your clothes
And I can still hear those secondhand stories fall off your tongue

It's just not the same around here without you
Most of the time I feel like you're in over your head out there
You ran away from the midwest and traded it in for beaches and east coast sunsets
Don't take in too much too soon

Keep your chin up out there
Don't forget where you came from and who cares about you
Whenever you're missing home, just look at your arm
You've got the state lines inked into your forearm
There's still memories of you pinned on my wall

Maybe you'll be here next year to waste the fall away, watching the leaves blow across my driveway
We could listen to American Football and talk about high school
Just like we did the years before